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Love life, explore to the fullest with our tops in beautiful fabrics and gorgeous muted shades, cozy colors and vibrant new prints. Our tops are made of the highest quality of premium organic cotton.

We produce in the most sustainable way we can. We have super basics, sober long sleeves, ruffled long sleeves, tank tops and so on. Soft, comfortable layers for those changeable days as the seasons shift. Our tops are wearable season after season and because of the minimalistic design will never go out of style.

Make sure to check out our hoodies, every kid loves them. Our knitwear tops are made from unconventional organic and recycled materials and supersoft wool blends. Our tops are of great comfort and fashionable at the same time.


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Tops made from 100% organic and recycled materials. Kids Clothing

Shortsleeves, longsleeves, sweaters, crewneck, turtleneck, little vests. We have it all. And all just as comfortable. Sober, basic and made from premium materials.

We work and produce under the STEp Certificate, next to our GOTS an Oekotex certificates. Where GOTS and Oekotex are mostly about fabrics, STEp takes it further and is way more demanding on sustainability. It obliges us to be sustainable and responsible across the entire production chain. This means in every department in our company. Since we belief children are the future, we accepted this high level of requirements and adjusted our ways of working wherever we could.