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Swimwear for girls

Come rain come shine, swimwear is a necessity in your girls closet. For a dip in the pool or a long day at the beach, our swimwear is made from certified UPF50+ fabric for maximum sun protection. No need to chase after your little one with sunscreen with our swimsuits, swimshorts and longsleeves. All of our swimwear is made from unconventional recycled materials, because we want to take part in creating a better world. Choose from relief striped fabric, prints or great swim shorts with stripes. Be sustainable, buy sustainable. We are the future.


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Our swimwear is SPF50+ and made from recycled polyester.

We care for the environment and we care for our children. We developed swimwear that is made from recycled and unconventional materials, and are also very protective for your childs body. Our swimwear is spf50+. We have swim shorts, bikini’s and swimsuits.

We work and produce under the STEp Certificate, next to our GOTS an Oekotex certificates. Where GOTS and Oekotex are mostly about fabrics, STEp takes it further and is way more demanding on sustainability. It obliges us to be sustainable and responsible across the entire production chain. This means in every department in our company. Since we belief children are the future, we accepted this high level of requirements and adjusted our ways of working wherever we could. Kids Clothing