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Get more sustainable super easy with these tips!

Every day we make choices in our lives that affect the environment, the climate and other species. How to become super sustainable and reduce the footprint we leave behind? Just a few tips for your everyday life!

  1. Buy as little stuff as possible. You don’t need much. If you do buy, do it as consciously as possible. Who needs 40 pairs of socks anyway ;-). Reduce, re-use, recycle. Read more here!
  2. Eat less meat, more vegetables. Grow them in your own garden with the kids! Enjoy the little things!
  3. Transport yourself as sustainably as possible. Use your own body as your vehicle. Walk, run, ride your bike.
  4. Choose sustainable (clothing) brands. Like us ;-). Go to the online shop! Or read our sustainable story!
  5. Choose sustainable furniture and opt for second-hand and second-chance. You cannot imagine what others throw away! Get the cool stuff at a 2nd hand store!
  6. Save energy at home. Wear an extra t-shirt. Don’t waist water. You don’t have to flush the toilet after every little pee…
  7. Choose refurbished. Even better.. refurbish yourself!
  8. Shower less long. Oeff… hard one.. especially in the mornings.. Just try it, you will notice it will save you time too!
  9. Eat less dairy and eggs. Try to replace the nutrients coming from these products by others. Like nuts, or beans.


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