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Bottoms for girls

A good pair of trousers is the base for every fantastic outfit. Girls want to be dressed super fancy and at the same time they love to wear comfortable items to run, climb trees and play in. We understand that way of thinking. All of our bottoms are made with this in mind. All our bottoms and trousers we have in several fabrics. One a bit more fancy than the other, but all super comfy to wear.

We use the softest organic cotton. The material we use for our jeans and denims feels like a pyjama, but looks like fashion so you and your kid have the best of both ways. Our collection has sweatpants, flareds, skinnies, leggings, dresses and skirts in it. Designed to last a lifetime.


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Bottoms for girls.

All different kinds of bottoms for your girl. Sweatpants, flared, leggings and all  more suitable for classy occasions. We use organic cotton to create the best comfort and the most sustainable conditions to produce in. We take care of our kids and the world.

We work and produce Kids clothing under the STEp Certificate, next to our GOTS an Oekotex certificates. Where GOTS and Oekotex are mostly about fabrics, STEp takes it further and is way more demanding on sustainability. It obliges us to be sustainable and responsible across the entire production chain. This means in every department in our company. Since we belief children are the future, we accepted this high level of requirements and adjusted our ways of working wherever we could.