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Little Hedonist!

A place for nice fine things like clothing, interior and accessoires for your baby or toddler. Every design is simple, and has freedom as central theme. Freedom in movement to enjoy the adventures of life. Freedom in exploring the world. We make life just a little more fun and easy! Fit to make Life an Adventure!

Unisex Collection

Our homebase is the Netherlands. That is where we create and base our products on the thought that baby- and toddlerstuff can be of great comfort but can also add something extra for your little ones wardrobe or your own interior.

Organic & Sustainable

Sustainability is a value that is in our veins. We try to be as sustainable and organic as can be and use only the softest and high quality materials that we find and produce in Portugal.

Freedom in exploring the world

Most of our items have raw edges, to easy adapt the length of sleeves and legs to the size of your little one. These unfinished edges are also a symbol for the open mind that has no limitations and boundaries. Nothing to irritate the little adventurer, everything to be free in exploring the world.

Three words is all we are:

No-nonsense. Quality. Simplicity.

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